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Squash Bean Enchilada

Full disclosure: I’ve realized the whole Betty Crocker thing is cool and all, but I’m in no way shape or form a food blogger, and hence, shouldn’t be pretending I’m Giada up in my apartment kitchen. But a girl’s gotta eat right? So I’m cutting down recipes to bimonthly sharing, rather than weekly (unless there’s mass protest). Today’s recipe goes down in the top ten yummiest random things I’ve cooked; my mom used to say that some of her best recipes were randomly whipped up and I believe it! You’re probably thinking I should rename this serious: “everything Ije can possibly make with squash”, to which I would say, “don’t dare me” lol. Anyway, If you like (unauthentic) Mexican food and want a healthier substitute for chicken or beef filling, check out this recipe:


Squash and Bean Enchiladas by Klassy Kinks
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While not the prettiest thing I’ve made, this was one of the tastiest. I definitely should have made more sauce as they came out less saucy then I would have liked. But all was fixed with some tasty mango salsa that I randomly had in my fridge; the sweetness of the mango really combined well with the crazy heat (a bit too much jalapeño) of the enchiladas to make a spicy sweet and tangy dish! I’ve never attempted making any kind of Mexican food, so I was super proud of myself for this venture, and my tummy approved since I straight knocked out for an hour or so before Scandal! This would be a great dish for entertaining too; the enchiladas are hearty and filling, but also quick to throw together.

Have you ever made enchiladas? Do you dabble in Tex-Mex cuisine?

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    You cannot go wrong with beans, squash, & cheese! looks delish! My only protest is that you NEVER make an extra to bring for me. Just send me a text when you cooking and I won’t bring lunch the next day :)

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